Friday, July 4, 2014

Proactive swimming pool maintenance should be the standard.

Talkin Pools and Best Practices Maintenance, or.. Why doesn't every pool maintenance company do this.

Things happen. When dealing with swimming pools and spas, we take the most proactive approach possible. We hear horror stories frequently regarding previous pool companies and their lack of prompt response and overall performance.

When Talkin Pools knows a big week end, say for instance, Father's Day or Fourth of July, is coming up, we anticipate a larger than normal bather load. What seems to us to be such a common sense approach, is ignored by other pool companies because with extra service, comes extra expenses to the company. There is no substitute for thorough service. It does take more effort and cost more money. A service company better understand this or forever provide substandard service. We also anticipate larger than normal usage of rest room supplies and an abundance of trash.

We train our Service Techs to bump the levels of free chlorine up, adjust the pH to at least 7.4, backwash thoroughly, begin the week end with empty trash cans and completely stocked rest rooms, have refill supplies available, communicate with each other regarding issues and concerns and attempt to maintain complete communications with the management companies and community managers.

We take these proactive measures to ensure a pristine pool throughout the heavy usage period. Having free available chlorine at the ready for heavy bather loads, having the pH adjusted a bit high to accommodate, ummm....multiple urinations, is an art. One we have mastered over 25 years in business. It is very simple stuff. Steps that our "old guys" take because it's the best practice.

I have said it many times, in different ways, but our hiring practices enable us to confidently state we deliver the best pool maintenance service in Colorado.

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