Friday, July 25, 2014


West Nile in Boulder County>>> Talkin Pool & Handyman now offers guaranteed mosquito free living for a month at a time. We use a formula, designed by our applicators, who also service our pools and know that pools and surrounding shrubbery and landscaping breed certain types of insects. We use a specially designed misting/fogging unit to apply the insecticide. This allows us to thoroughly cover grassy areas, trees, all shrubbery and ground cover where insects lounge during the heat of the day. Our formula is completely safe for people, pets and plants. It cannot be purchased at local stores as it is an industry known product. Our formula kills on contact, leaves a residual repellant that lasts for up to a month and completely disrupts the hatching cycles of most insects, including ants and spiders. Contact Mike at or call 303-550-7730. First application is free. Our service and products sell themselves. The first spray is free and without obligation. A cost of $75.00 per month after with one free return if not satisfied, thereafter until mid-September. 

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