Monday, July 27, 2015


Denver HOA community pool gate auto-close units should be properly maintained and replaced when necessary to avoid injury and vandalism.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The POOL SHEPHERD'S Reserve Fund 3 C's

The POOL SHEPHERD works for each and every community to prioritize, suggest and provide total pool service, especially renovating and rehabilitating older pools and decks.

Our success begins with the 3 C's.

Condition: this includes ALL things pools related, including the deck and cabana. We analyze the efficiency, age, life expectancy, condition of all aspects and report to the board for perusal.

Concern: this is the board's, management company's, community members' and Talkin Pools' combined views. What are the short and long term concerns, literally and financially.

Commitment: this is the board's personal investment as a fiduciary partner, the amount of reserve funds available presently and in the future, the triage nature of a pool condition report and Talkin Pools' investment in preserving the community pool, continuing or establishing an ongoing relationship and protecting our exclusive reputation.  Hopefully, we will be allowed to continue, or begin, providing daily service for the pool/deck we brought back to life at a fraction of most pool reserve fund working numbers.

Please visit our site for more information.
This community saved thousands in reserve funds by taking advantage of THE POOL SHEPHERD'S PLAN! They immediately improved the health of their reserve fund and will save exponentially for many years.

Friday, April 17, 2015


Talkin Pools is pleased to announce we have added another youngster to our staff. Felix E. recently retired after 25 years of fleet maintenance for RTD. He's naturally handy and has owned a pool for decades. Currently, his backyard pool is mostly used by his grandchildren. Keeping his pool in tip top shape for them is his hobby. Welcome, Felix!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Fallingwater HOA chooses Talkin Pools

Fallingwater HOA chooses Talkin Pools. Though our goal is to remain an exclusive pool company, servicing significantly less total pools than competitors, we were able to add this community pool to an existing route of three. We update our waiting list regularly and selectively add a pool now and then. We so rarely lose a pool that openings are purely geographic related. This maintains our business model of two techs servicing no more than four pools per route. Fallingwater, your five star pool experience begins April 22, Memorial Weekend!

Monday, April 6, 2015


Thank you Westdale HOA, long time customer, who is this season's first community scheduled to take advantage of our SHEPHERD'S PLAN. Beginning tomorrow we will be resurfacing the deck first with our "Best Value" coating, then returning to apply a state of the art epoxy coating to the pool. My three man crew is booked solid until Memorial Day coating decks and pools. Already scheduling deck and pool coatings for end of season and next spring!

Thorncreek Village Joins Select Group,

Thorncreek Village chooses Talkin Pools. We are pleased to announce that Thorncreek Village HOA has joined the small list of select Denver communities serviced and maintained by our premier staff of mostly semi-retired youngsters! Your five star pool experience begins Memorial Day weekend.