Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Mosquitoes and your community pool!

Community Managers, if you aren't having your swimming pool areas sprayed for mosquitoes and other flying and non-flying insects from wasps to ants, why aren't you? Is it a cost issue? I have the technicians and use a government approved, industry used pesticide that really works. It lasts for up to a month, it is applied with a special misting unit to get into and under all the shrubbery that looks great as landscape around the pool, but is a five star resort for mosquitoes and other insects. Talkin Pools guarantees the community pool area will be free from mosquitoes and other insects, will return to spray again if the community is not satisfied and will return every three weeks, in the morning, to spray the pool area. Is having your community pool mosquito free worth $80.00 every three weeks? Call or email to set up an appointment or solicit information. FYI..the substance is called Bifen I/T and can easily be googled. 

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