Saturday, January 4, 2014

Free pool class for community managers

The past few pool seasons, I have been asked to meet community managers at a pool site and give a "Pool School 101" seminar. I do this as a free service for a couple or reasons. First, I know that community managers are inundated with information from vendors as problems arise. I have seen how a basic idea of a pool and pool parts helps with the communication between me and the community manager and just as importantly, between the community manager and the HOA board. Secondly, I was a high school English teacher and basketball coach for 20 years so I enjoy the "classroom."

Rest assured, I know exactly how much information is too much, and how much is just enough. There will not be any test and all questions will be answered on the spot. Also, if a management company cares enough to send their community managers to my seminar, which always includes managers I do not directly work with, then I feel a responsibility to continue the relationship by responding to calls and emails regarding pool questions whether I am the pool service provider at that community or not.

Please contact me for information or to schedule a seminar. Each seminar lasts approximately one hour depending on the number of questions, concerns and discussions that usually take place.

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